Friday, June 26, 2015

Hands & Feet Ministry

One of the things the Lord had really laid on our hearts awhile back was to reach out to our local community and be His hands and feet to the people here.  After much prayer and talking it over with leadership, we started the "Hands & Feet" Ministry.
Using agriculturally worthless land, land that often lays in floodplains or other rural properties, developers create unincorporated subdivisions.  They divide the land into small lots, put in little or no infrastructure, then sell them to low-income individuals seeking affordable housing.  These areas are called "colonias".  Colonia residents generally have very low incomes and often buy the lots through a contract deed, a property financing method whereby developers typically offer a low down payment and low monthly payments but no title to the property until the final payment is made.  Houses in colonias are generally constructed in phases by their owners and may lack electricity, plumbing, and other basic amenities.  Colonia residents build homes as they can afford materials or will put really old campers on the property.  One of the greatest concerns regarding the colonias is the lack of wastewater infrastructure and potable water.  Many colonias do not have sewer systems.  Instead, residents must rely on alternative, often inadequate wastewater disposal methods.
We are going out to these colonias to help meet needs.  We have made a connection with Community in Schools and they give us contact information for families who are in need in our area.  Then we go out and assess their situation and see how we can help.  We currently have several families in these areas that we are working with to help provide hygiene items, clothing, food, or help with light construction projects that may need to be done at these homes.  Through meeting physical needs and forming relationships with these families, we are then able to share Christ with them and invite them to church or set up a home Bible study with them.  

We currently have no budget for this ministry and rely solely on donations from others to make this ministry possible at this point.  Please pray for the Lord to continue to provide what we need to be able to meet these needs.  Also pray for this new ministry that the Lord will continue to grow it and open more doors so we can keep meeting physical needs and spiritual needs as we share the love of Jesus with our local community in this way.  

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