Friday, October 12, 2012

October Trip to "Village M"

The house we stayed in at "Village M"

This week, I went with our team into Mexico and spent 3 days in "Village M". This was our 2nd trip into this village and this trip was a little longer than our trip last month as we were gone for 3 days, 2 nights. Thankfully, we had no problems of any kind but coming back into the US, our team and vehicle were searched before we could pass through.  They passed us on through no problem after the thorough inspection of course!  This trip we had some great opportunities and were able to begin establishing more relationships with the villagers there. I want to share some highlights of our trip this week with you.  

Some of the group ran into a lady named "E" as they were walking down the road and they stopped to talk to her.  She asked if they were "religious" and they said we are "Christian missionaries".  She asked if they would be willing to study the Bible with her so later that evening, they went over to her house to study with her.  They had a good Bible study with her and she openly received what they showed her during that time.  There was also another lady who happened to be in the house where they were studying the Bible and while she did not participate in the study, she listened intently to everything being said.  

One evening, we were blessed to be invited to dinner and Bible study with "R & C" who live in "Village M".  They fed us fried fish, rice, tortillas and a delicious green salsa that "C" handmade for dinner and it was all very good.  After dinner, we studied Acts 17 focusing on idolatry because they had a Catholic idol in their home.  After our study together and talking with them, we felt like they had a clear understanding of the one true God and we were able to share the gospel message with them before we left. We are planning to continue studying with them on upcoming trips.  

We got to speak with "R", the town alcoholic.  He was sober enough at the time we had the opportunity to talk with him that we could all share our testimonies with him and present the gospel with him. He knows that his alcoholism is a problem in his life but he feels like he doesn't have the strength to stop drinking and live life without alcohol. While we were studying with him, there were several other men around who are all known to drink as well and they got to hear everything we were telling "R" too.  

One afternoon, a few of us went over to the fish processing building that was destroyed by the hurricane.  The building sets on the coast of "Village M" and is now vacant.  We spent 2 hours there praying over the village, the people in the village, for doors to be opened, for the gospel seed to be sown, for hope and joy to overtake this village as the gospel message penetrates this area, etc.  
A view of the village as it sits on the coast

Please pray for each of these people and for all the villagers in "Village M" as we go back each month and continue building trust and relationships, continue discipleship and Bible studies and plant seeds for the gospel in this area.  It is a joy and privilege to be going to "Village M" and we are excited to see what God has in store for us during our time there throughout this year. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!  To God be the glory!