Friday, June 26, 2015

Everest VBS 2015

June 15 - 19 we had Everest VBS each evening at church!  This was such a fun theme and even though it was almost 100 degrees each night, we had fun pretending we were mountain climbers and working our way from base camp to the summit of Mt. Everest and learning truths about God along the way.  
Each night the kids started at Base Camp Sing & Play where the kids sang songs, watched a skit, met their Bible Buddy for the day and learned a new memory verse. Then they headed out for a rotation of "stations".  In Bible Expeditions, they got to experience a Bible story each night in an active, hands-on way.  At KidVid Cinemas, they got to watch movies about real kids in the real world who are living out their faith in really cool ways.  Imagination Station is where kids learn to remember each day's Bible point through hands-on, Science experiments.  Glacier Games gives kids the chance to run, jump, and splash through games that relate to each day's Bible lesson.  Mountaintop Treats is where kids come together to enjoy snacks that connect to each day's Bible lesson.  

During Everest VBS the kids had a Bible point that they learned each day.  It was a simple sentence that they can remember to help them not only learn truths about God but also be able to share about God with their friends and families.  During Everest VBS, kids learned:
* God has the power to provide
* God has the power to comfort
* God has the power to heal
* God has the power to forgive
* God has the power to love us forever

Each night, we also collected a missions offering.  Due to the recent earthquake in Nepal which also affected and killed climbers on Mt. Everest, we decided to let our missions offering go to the relief efforts in Nepal.  We challenged the kids in a boys-vs-girls missions offering that went like this: 

If the boys brought in $100, then Kim & I would each take a pie in the face. 
If the girls brought in $100, then David & Curtis would each take a pie in the face. 
If the kids collectively raised $200, then our pastor agreed to take a pie in the face.  

The missions offering each night brought lots of participation and excitement from the kids.  It was awesome to be able to connect that through their missions offering, their money would help provide for the people of Nepal, bring comfort to them, and help them heal.  On Sunday morning, the congregation gave $74.00 toward the missions offering.  Each night at VBS, the kids brought in lots of change and dollar bills and on Friday night, we had raised a total of 
$467.35 to help the people of Nepal!!!!!!  So.........
we all got a pie in the face...and it was SO worth it! 

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