Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas


It is hard to believe we have completed the first (of 4) semester of missionary training with To Every Tribe.  We look back on the past 5 months and stand of awe of what God has done and continues to do in our lives.  Being in South Texas has grown us in so many ways and we pray that our time here continually molds and shapes us into the people God desires us to be.  The training we have received so far has been wonderful and challenges us to dive deeper into the Word as we prepare and plan for taking the gospel to people that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.  We've lived on campus and made new friends from all over the US and Canada who have become our "Texas family" and we hope will be lifelong friends.  We leave on Dec. 21st to go home for 2 weeks for Christmas break to spend time with our family and friends.  We look forward to being back in Alabama and seeing family and friends we haven't seen in almost 6 months.  We will return to campus to begin our next semester of training on January 6th. 

We all know Christmas isn't about the gifts, latest gadgets or toys. It is about remembering the birth of the greatest gift (and really the only gift we will ever need), Jesus Christ.  He came to earth to save us from an eternity set apart by God.  For Jesus, giving meant giving everything!  Sadly, there are people all over the world who have never even heard of Jesus Christ and live a life in danger of being eternally set apart from God.  We are self-supporting missionaries with a desire to take the gospel to these people and our goal for January 2013 is to be 100% supported.  

By partnering with us financially, you are giving to help fund our mission work and most importantly, you are providing us the opportunity to stay here at To Every Tribe and continue our 2 year missionary training.  You are investing in mission trips to "Village M" in Mexico and later this Spring in Oaxaca, Mexico where we go into these villages and take the gospel of Jesus Christ to places that have never heard it.  We are already seeing lives change from our monthly trips into "Village M" and we know there is still lots of work to be done in Mexico. You are allowing us the opportunity to take Dental Training in January so we can learn how to set up dental clinics and actually do dental work in places that will allow us to minister to people in those regions and share the gospel with them as well.  By financially investing, you are taking an active role in the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) even though you may not personally be able to be on the field with us, you are still on the front-lines with us through financial sacrifice and prayer on our behalf.  

 Sponsor $100 a month
 Sponsor $50 a month
Sponsor $75 a month
Sponsor $25 a month
Sponsor $10 a month

To donate, simply CLICK HERE and then choose our name under Gift Designation, Johns, David and Gretta. Then give as the Lord leads you to.  Some of you may be able to do $10 a month and some of you may want to do more than $100 a month. If you aren't able to sponsor us monthly, you can also do a one-time gift donation. Some of you may be looking for an end of the year gift for tax purposes. No matter what, we thank God for each and everyone of you who are willing to pray for us and those who are willing to financially invest in our ministry and help us complete our training and take the gospel to unreached people groups in Mexico.  Jesus Is Worth It!