Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We've Been Appointed!!

We are SO excited to announce that we have been appointed as official field missionaries of Reaching & Teaching and will be serving in Roatan, Honduras!  We will be sharing more information soon about our heart for Honduras and how you can become a ministry partner with our family.  

We were first introduced to Reaching & Teaching International Ministries (RTIM) during our training at To Every Tribe.  Dr. David Sills was one of our guest instructors on several occasions and we had the opportunity to sit under his teaching and leadership and we learned so much from him during his class times.  We have also been blessed to have him in our home recently and enjoyed sharing a meal and fellowship with him while discussing our heart for Hondruas and the goals of Reaching & Teaching.  

About Reaching & Teaching International Ministries (RTIM)
Reaching & Teaching International Ministries exists to reach the peoples of the world through evangelism and by meeting the great need for deep discipleship, pastoral preparation, leadership training, and theological education around the world. Reaching & Teaching was founded by David Sills, born out of the deep needs for discipleship and ministry training that he has seen in countries all around the world.

Reaching & Teaching operates within the bounds of two statements of belief, with all aspects of the ministry being in accordance with both documents — the Abstract of Principles and the Baptist Faith & Message (2000).

RTIM is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations (whether to the general ministry fund or a specific missionary account) are tax deductible.

Next Steps
We will officially go back to Alabama on August for our yearly visit and to speak at some churches while we are there to share our calling to Honduras.  We will also be sending out more information about how you can become a prayer partner or a financial partner of our family's mission work over the next few months also.  We ask that you would pray for us as we begin our next steps in ministry.  In September, we will return to Los Fresnos and continue serving with First Baptist Church.