Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fields of Faith 2015

We were blessed to be able to join the high school FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and participate in Fields of Faith.  David has been helping facilitate the "Coaches Outreach" at the high school on Monday mornings.  This is a weekly Bible study with the high school coaches and he has enjoyed getting to know them and this has given him a great opportunity to be in the school system sharing Jesus too.

Fields of Faith is a night open to anyone in the community where they can come to the local high school football stadium and take part in a praise and worship service.  This service is unique because it is led entirely by students at the high school who are part of the FCA.  One of our favorite parts of the evening is listening to the kids share their testimonies and hear them tell their peers the stories of their salvation, what God is doing in their lives, etc.

David & I served as counselors at the end of the event for any student who wanted to talk to someone or wanted prayer.  It is always such a gift to get to serve in this capacity and be part of encouraging and possibly even praying with someone as they receive Christ as their Savior.  We also had a table set up where we gave out Bibles (in English or Spanish) and we gave out LifeBooks ( to anyone who wanted them.

We praise God for such beautiful weather that evening and for the great turnout as well.  It was a joy to be able to be out in the community helping with this wonderful event.
Wyatt enjoyed getting to play football on the field with some of his 
friends from the community

This was the sweet folks who helped us at Fields of Faith

Ready for a night of student-led worship!

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