Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012 Update

Greetings from the Tex-Mex border!  “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.”  (Psalm 34:3)  We find it hard to believe that we have been in Texas almost 5 months now.  In this season of thankfulness, we look back on these past few months and have so much to praise God for and so much to be thankful for.  We are so thankful to each of you who are faithful prayer partners on our behalf and for those of you who are financially investing as well. November was a blessed month for our family!

This was our first Thanksgiving away from our families and we did miss being together with them.  However, our church here in TX invited us to a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch & we enjoyed a great meal there. Then we had a delicious afternoon Thanksgiving meal here on campus with our To Every Tribe family too. We were doubly blessed for our first Texas Thanksgiving!

Don Richardson went to Papau New Guinea in 1962 to take the gospel to the Sawi tribe, a group of warring headhunters.  He and his family lived with them for 40 years and he wrote the famous missions book, “Peace Child” about their experiences.  It was such a privilege to have him as our instructor for a week.  He had a wealth of knowledge to share, amazing stories of God at work and we learned so much not only about the need for missions in Papau New Guinea but were encouraged about taking the gospel to hostile people groups as well.   He came to our home for dinner one evening and the kids loved listening to him share about his life too.
David and I were blessed to attend a full week of classes taught by Vern & Carla Sterk.  They were missionaries for over 40 years in Chiapas, Mexico (considered a restricted nation by the Voice of the Martyrs) and worked with tribal people there.  They taught us contextulization, how to handle persecution, about families on the mission field, daily living in a tribal village and much more.  Abbey also attended their EthnoMusicology class with us as she enjoys playing guitar. This class taught how to take the music of the people and help them write Christian songs/hymns for themselves. We enjoyed having the Sterks in our home one evening for dinner as well and getting to spend more time with them learning more about the unreached in Mexico.

Our team was blessed with safe travels and another good trip into Mexico this month to work in "Village M".  They spent time in discipleship and prayer with the 3 Christians there, had a Bible study with the people, were able to start a few new Bible studies with villagers there and had the opportunity to witness to a man in the village who is a homosexual.  They were also invited into several homes for studies this time too.  God is moving here so please keep praying for “Village M” & our team as we travel there monthly.  
We have added a brief missions video to our here under “Our Missions Video” tab and we would love to for you to watch it and share it with family, friends or churches who might be willing to pray for and partner with us.  Lord willing, we will be headed back to Alabama for Christmas.  We plan to arrive in Alabama on Dec. 21 and will be there through Jan. 4th.  We hope to see lots of you while we are home over Christmas holidays! 

Thank you for praying for our family, our ministry and for all your support.
We enjoy hearing from you & are praying for each of you. 


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  1. You are doing a wonderful thing by serving as missionaries :) Thank you! I'll pray for your safety and success.

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